Adventure Buffet

This time I don’t have special pictures but something to share with you, though.

I was a bit decadent and too lazy to cook and it seems I made a great experience instead of cooking by myself (and I still can’t cook):
I was eating outside in the “Sun House – Mädler” in Zwickau (Saxony, Germany)
The today’s article isn’t so long but I simply CAN’T hide that experience 😀


To say it in german words: “LECKER!”
We arrived the restaurant a bit earlier but it seemed to be ok tho. A bright room, a winter garden, many tables and a LARGE buffet in all colors you can imagine. From the outside the house didn’t look so big but it was very big.

Some views I will show you.

Here you can see the fish, meat, vegetables, soups, pommes and kids stuff on 2 very long tables. On every meal they had made a little paper with a short description.

Funfact: as we decided to go to that restaurant we didn’t know it’s an asian style restaurant. But it was 😀 And one of the best I ever tried!

I have no picture about but one of the large tables was also full of ice cream, fruits, sauces, pudding and all the sweet things which make a good dinner “round”.

The next table was nothing for me. Cool idea though to choose your ingredients by yourself and to let cook them by a professional cooker. You can be sure your meal is fresh and you can even watch the cooker while he make your food.
But what there was… mh… not directly delicious for me 😀 But the other people liked it, it seemed.

Kanguru – Kangaroo
Zebra – Zebra
Krokodil – Crocodile
Froschschenkel – Frog legs
and some other animals like octopus, shrimp, shells, etc.


I had chosen the food I know 😀


And like I said: some sweets for the sweets 😀

As a sumup about all: not too expensive, good service, cool location and damn tasty food!


Thank you for your time and

if you ever visit the town Zwickau (in Saxony, Germany)
and the restaurant “Sun House – Mädler” let me know how it was.

Warm regards,



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