Bad Muskau

In february 2018 I was visiting some spots near the polish border in germany. As I was done it was not really late and so I decided to drive to Bad Muskau. It’s in Saxony in Germany:


As I reached the town the GPS guided me to a closed street (by police). The whole inner-city was closed because of a carnival party. No worry, it’s not every day carnival 😀 It was only at that day – I simply was so lucky like always 😀 No joke, I was really a lucky one and you’ll see why.
So I was staying on a mountain, the city and my goal the castle of “Fürst Pückler” in the “Muskau Park” in front of me but unreachable with car though. And I had no idea how to walk to there. So I asked a woman which came to the parking place where I was. I WAS SUCH A LUCKY PERSON – but didn’t know it at that time.
The woman told me to where I have to walk and then – unexpected – “Wait, I will go with you and will show you the exact way.” Wow.
a) she was simply a friendly person
b) I must have looked lost
Possibly both.

So we walked to the inner-city and she told me that she was a worker in exactly the castle to where I would go. HA! What a great coincidence! 😀
She knew so much about the earl of the castle “Hermann von Pückler-Muskau”
(short: “Fürst Pückler”), the history about the castle and even about Pückler’s affair.


I learned that the main castle was built from a water castle, then Pückler ran out of money, another man finished it and Pückler was building the copy of it on another place and finished that one by himself. What a mess, yes 😀 Anyway, the park and the main castle are such wonderful buildings! But see by yourself:

LRM_EXPORT_20180213_211717 (2)

In front of the main castle is a “castle-lake”. The wonderful Tour-Guide told me there was even a wooden bridge over the lake but was destroyed.


All the flower constructions are built like Pückler was creating them. All in the park is an exact copy of what he was creating and that’s the reason for the “UNESCO World Heritage Site” (the try to keep as much as possible as it was). And it’s not that easy because the main castle (for example) was nearly complete destroyed in ww2 and re-built not long ago.

On the site of the main door of the castle is a blood oak. She was some hundred years old but destroyed by weather, I think. People planted in her own shadow a baby of her and now you can see a little baby blood oak 😀 That’s romantic!

The Park around the castle is 830 hectare. If you try to imagine all when you stay in front of the main castle: forget it. Pückler built the park with “view walls” or however he called it and it’s simply too big, too. Pückler was a real nature-artist!
To the houses in the park count some more buildings but I only was visiting the main castle.

LRM_EXPORT_20180213_211913 (2)

In the park is a little wooden bridge. Go over her, walk some more meters and you’ll be in poland. I tried but was too tired. Some day I will set one toe on polish ground while my other body parts are in germany 😀

The woman told me about the possibility to make of a health cure in the town. The prizes and offers you may find on the official site of the town:
On my walk back I saw some restaurants and a cafè and I don’t think you’ve to stay hungry there. About exact prizes I have no idea because I was not hungry.

And at the end warm greetings to my wonderful tour guide and a huge THANK YOU 🙂


Thank you for your time and

if you ever visit Bad Muskau and Pückler’s park and castle
let me know how it was.

Warm regards,



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