Tierpark Hirschfeld

Not the best weather but no rain though. And so we decided to travel to the “Tierpark Hirschfeld” in Saxony, Germany.


A “Tierpark” (“Animal Park” in english) is not different to a zoo but EU rules and so on ^^ It CAN be a bit different in the number of animals, in how the preserves are built and in the kind of animals. It may be that you can see mostly local animals and not – for example – lions, tiger nor elephants.

If you’ve to drive to there with the car you haven’t any parking trouble. In front of the Tierpark is a big parking place and for free.


The  ticket prices are ok and you can get family tickets and kids haven’t to pay the full price.

You start your tour on a pond with fishes and with the family of the Ducktales 😀 After the pond you can let run your kid(s) if you’re there with little gnomes. There aren’t very dangerous spots but make sure you’ve them in your focus tho 😉
In the Tierpark are many local animals, birds, some really big (and calmed) cows and free walking peacock. The preserves aren’t sooo big but it seems the animals aren’t much unhappy. It’s not like elephants which only have some sq. m.

At the end of the tour you’ve the possibility to eat in a restaurant. It’s not high class but ok. The prices are ok (for me) too. And in summer it must be an adventure to sit there, to lick ice cream and to watch a running around peacock 😀 POPCORN time!

And like always: there is more as the obvious…. just open your eyes 🙂

Next to the restaurant the kids have the option to play on a HUGE playground with a lot of toys and stuff.
ProTipp: It’s complete in the sun and no trees around it to protect the children from the sun. So please make sure you’ve a cap for your kid(s). The tour through the Tierpark is mostly in the shadow and ok, by the way.

Thank you for your time and

if you ever visit the “Tierpark Hirschfeld” (Saxony, Germany)
let me know how it was.

Warm regards,



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