On the traces of Goethe and Schiller in Weimar

Last weekend’s tour was to Weimar (Thüringen) in Germany.
The city Weimar is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage because of the “Bauhaus” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauhaus).
The houses are really cool and special and a lot of history was going on there. Great people like Wieland, Goethe, Herder and Schiller were in Weimar but also some dark happpenings. The Nazis. Not only that the Holocaust was “pushed” there, the Concentration Camp “Buchenwald” was on the mountain over the city. I wrote about it in one of my last Blogs https://sosfernweh.wordpress.com/2018/03/17/memorial-of-concentration-camp-buchenwald/

I’m sorry but it seems the eng version of the site isn’t available right now but: https://www.weimar.de/ for more infos.

As i arrived the town I saw the Buchenwald Monument. How it must be for the people in Weimar? To be slapped for closed eyes by it every day? Past is past…
Btw I edited my Blog Post about it. There is a video now, too: Bloodstreet and Monument.

You may not have much trouble to find a parking place, They made a whole parking-net and with enough signs for them on every corner. BUT make sure you’ve enough coins, the right ticket etc. ^^

On my way to the Altstadt (Old town) I passed the “Park an der Ilm” and had to cross the lake “Ilm” over a cool bridge. It was better that I didn’t wear my High Heels 😀 Good shoes are required 😉

If the weather is good enough you can sit in the park on the grass:

Like I said before: some bad things happened in Weimar too. Like this:


On way through the town and in direction to the Altstadt (and Goethes home, for example :D) you can see some wonderful and old buildings. The whole town it seems is like a book of history.


Johann Gottfried – a german poet, philosopher and theologian:


In the town you’ve such signs on every corner and they may help you to orientate and sometimes things are explained on them, too. The most infos are also available in english.

If you don’t want to walk you can rent (for example) a horse drawn carriage included city tours. And if you haven’t any trouble with walking you can get a city tours in the information centre, I think.

As I was searching for Goethe’s home I asked one horse drawn carriage driver. He said the signs are wrong and “There and there” are the houses of Goethe and Schiller. Schillers house is by the way in the Schiller Street 😉 . He end up with a quote from Goethe but I forgot 😦 It was about the pettiness of homes and houses.


If you’re hungry – no problem! You can find MANY Cafè and restaurants in the town. And a bit outside of the tourist places are supermarkets, too.
And also toilets for free you can find.



“If you know the Life, please give me its address” Jules Renard (1864-1910)


Thank you for your time and

if you ever go to Weimar (Thüringen, Germany) let me know how it was.

Warm regards,


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