“Maker Faire” – Be curious!

“Maker Faire” call itself: “A festival of inspiration, creativity and innovation.”
And this is more than true.

Last weekend I went to the event “Maker Faire”.
It’s made for curious people, people who look forward into the future and where humans could stay in some years. It also include robotic and 3D technic, future farming and some Life Hacks.
You can visit the event in different cities in Germany. I went to Chemnitz in Saxony.



It was with local former and founder of saxony and a whole bunch of great contacts, smart brains, open minded and “fresh” people.

But look by yourself with out much words from me:


(“Knowledge comes from doing”)

I could simply walk through the halls and watch but it was also allowed to try things by myself, to touch, to built, construct & to invent and to discover, too.


Many things are made and built for the whole family and sometimes even BY kids!

Even art found a home in one of the halls!


Experiences of a robot band 😀


Excuse the quality of the video. But I am more a photographer than a video maker 😀


And I am now a lucky owner of a “BottleCrop”.
“The smallest hydroponic urban farming system in the world” (they say on their website):


The prices were ok, too. The only thing what sucked was the eating and drinking. The most of the money we had to pay cuz we were hungry and thirsty 😦 A bit more family-friendly in that case would be cool. Oh, and drinking bottles were not allowed, too. Only in Chemnitz? I dunno. Better you ask the organizer before you went to a “Maker Faire” event.

Thank you for your time and

if you ever go to a “Maker Faire” Event let me know how it was.

Warm regards,


At least:
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