The Golden Town “Prague” – Part 1

In April 2018 I visited Prague.
It was the first nice weather day and some days off of work, too.

This Blog Post is a bit different: less words 😀
Too much images, too much to tell you, too much words and so on. That’s also one of the reasons why I will go back to there. And if nothing happened I will let you be a part of that next tour, too.
I only will show you some images of the town with short explanations and some facts. Even the pictures are enough, I think….

First: the facts.
Prague is the capital in the Czech Republic in Europe. I think it’s the biggest city in that country.
It’s shaped by many political events and has a huge historical background which you can see on every corner. You can find many historical old (-town) buildings, streets and also a lot of new architecture. For me it’s a great mix from gothic, baroque and renaissance to modern eras style. And I truly never saw before. Charles IV was the King of Bohemia (today’s Czech Republic) and let built some really cool places.
In the middle of the city is the (huge) river “The Vltava” – referred as the “Czech national river”.

For more Infos:

Let’s start with our first round 😉

This is the “Memorial of the Victims of the Communism”:


It’s controversial, some people say. Some are very angry about, some love it.
If you only see the style you maybe like how it’s built. And it look a bit spooky, too.

My Kompagnon and I said that Prague is like a fried egg. In the middle is the main town and around you’ve the mountains with many houses (for the non-tourists, I think) and parks, hotels, parks and…
A park on a high mountain over Prague – on one side of the fried egg 😀
There is a huge lookout tower and you can see the whole town. I did not went on the top of the tower because walking through the wonderful garden/park was very enough to feel good (for me).


Sadly, but I haven’t made any good pictures from the park and its view 😦
Next time I will do!
I think about to go back when all the flowers grow… seems to happen soon! 😀

As we walked above the mountain we heard trumpets and singing people and wondered what it is. We were following the sounds to the other side of the fried egg and came to the oldtown. Very small (and cute) streets, little restaurants and cafè, stone ways, corners and a lot amazing built houses. It was such a “wow” effect and we couldn’t get enough of it.
It was a very different emotion as just one day before. As we arrived Prague we were totally tired and decided to visit the town on our first evening. Wrong desicion because we didn’t like it cuz of being tired as fuck and foggy brain (it seemed). With a bit sun the next day and an open mind all was different… simply wonderful!

The view is caught from the mountain in the oldtown.
It’s the same side where the “Pražský hrad” is. God bless you! Eh, no 😀 This is the name of Prague’s Castle with a spectacular church in the middle:


I haven’t understood all of Prague’s history and of the buildings and I have much to learn about. That’s why it might be better you read (and see one day) by yourself what I mean with “castle” and church, Kleinseite, oldtown, etc.
And an unsolicited advice: buy a map of prague. It is possible you’ve some trouble without 😀 Even all the sides of the fried egg you can’t recognize so easy and you may need to know your location. You also need it for the tram, bus, metro.
By the way, don’t try to drive with the car. It’s a MESS inside the egg and you’re MUCH better (and FASTER) with the public traffic (and cheaper! Very cheap :D)



Like always: make sure you’ve GOOD shoes and you can walk some hours. And you may have around you MANY MANY other people from all over the world.


The president still has his residence and rooms inside the castle. If he is in the country the flag is hoisted.
In front of the “main door” stood soldiers and it’s like in UK: they have (every hour?) a change and celebrate that changing with music (the trumpets we heard) and salut and stuff 😀 Very historical (and funny) moments. They meant it seriously, I think 😀

On the opposite of the oldtown is another part of the city. There are also a lot of very old buildings – also the “Charles Bridge”. I did not make much pictures because I had some trouble with all the mess of tourists. Thousand people walk over every day.
Special: It’s a fairy tale to touch some of the silver statuary on the bridge and they say it bring you luck. I did not. Who know who touched them before (and had the hands on places I don’t may imagine) ? 😀


This is a view from the Charles Bridge to the oldtown and the castle with the church. Wonderful or? 🙂 I loved it.


Our plan was also to visit the astronomical clock on the front of the town hall. But we were not lucky with that because the clock was just been restored 😀 Next time!

This was a bit from my trip to Prague in the Czech Republic and I am VERY sure I will go back to that wonderful city. And I will do it SOON. I felt in love with that town, its people and the architecture after a very bad start.

Either you love it or you hate it. I love it.


Thank you for your time and

if you ever go to Prague (Czech Republic) let me know how it was.

Warm regards,


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