STOOPP! And read, please!

Hi 🙂

Some weeks ago I asked you about financial help and support of my blog. The result of my begging (it felt like that) was 0. Oh wait. One guy spent 2 $ and expected things only god may know ^^

By the way, 2$ sounds not much, right. But 10x 2$ per month would help more than you imagine. It’s already a half gasoline bill, or train ticket.

No one here, no one on Instagram nor Facebook was able to help me with the costs of a travel blog. So I have to decide now that a break would be the best. Maybe I am completely done with that experience, too. The effort is way too much for not much feedback of you. I don’t mean the financial feedback, no. I mean, I have here only 2 followers? On Facebook I have over 2 thousand! So I guess, my blog is not good enough.

If I travel I will let you know what’s going on. But I CAN’T do it like last weeks because I am not Bill Gates.

If you find (some day) my blog, you think it’s worth to support feel free.

Be a patron:
There you can anonymously support my Blog, too.

Warm greetings,



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