Schloss Blankenhain in Germany

Am Schloss 7, 08451 Crimmitschau

Please read 🙏👇 It’s IMPORTANT!

All I want is to make him proud of me 😢

Shoutout to all the people:
Spread the pictures from earth to heaven!
Shoutout to the wind:
Share my begging!
Shoutout to the angels:
Give my words wings!

Why? 👇
As I started to make pictures of buildings I visited “Schloss Blankenhain” and failed hard. I couldn’t see a “soul” nor any life inside it. For me it was dead and cold. But my beloved brother, friend, dear stood by my side, calmed me, made me laugh about my fails, gave me new power and was showing me what I did wrong and what I can make better.

Part I:

Winter in Blankenhain, Germany

I learned so much about photographing and I felt it’s the right time to come back to it.

Today I returned back to that castle.

And I felt it! I could feel the castle’s soul and it wasn’t dead anymore! 😍

It seems today I did it good 🙂


The sad part is, HE can’t see the new pictures. He is away and only the wind knows where he is 😢
Help me! May the pictures and words find a way to him 🙏 It means the world for me to know he can see them and that he smile 🙏🙏🙏

Make him proud of me!


Back in Castle Blankenhain, Saxony in Germany – Insights –

Thank you for your time and

if you ever go to the “Schloss Blankenhain” in Germany let me know how it was.

Warm regards,


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