Muscles Muscles Muscles – Sport Shooting

SOSfernweh is not only traveling…

SOSfernweh is also Shooting Time!

I was allowed to try to photograph a bodybuilding session with Thomas.

You may know him from

We both were very nervous about it coz it was new to both:

He never had pictures of himself with a better camera than the Handycam and

I never had the chance to a shooting like this.

And of course, I’m allowed to share the results with you.

Do you like them?

I think they’re very HOT af and

you can see how HARD it is to work on your body like Thomas is doing it.

And no, it’s not just “hot air”.

It’s not taking steroids.

It’s DAMN hard work!

And a way of life.

And one day, I hope so, he’ll see what I see in him:

a WONDERful person who deserves to be loved as much as possible.

He’s a person who deserves to be treated well and with absolute loyalty.

I am grateful that Thomas has been a part of my life for so many years.

Ich liebe dich ❤️

Thank you for your time and if you ever want to make a shooting with me, let me know.

Warm regards,

At least:

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