My B-Day-Surprise-Trip to the Rhododendron Park in Kromlau, Germany

Guess what? I had Birthday



HE took me to the Rhododendron Park in Kromlau, Germany

My 1st visit as SOSfernweh to there was in winter. No reflection but ice. No flowers but a construction site.

My 2nd trip was in spring. Construction site, no water, no blooms.

My 3rd trip was in a very hot summer. The water was dried up, faded blossoms and construction site.

And now I have finally experienced a miraculous, lively trip in which neither a construction site nor something was too early or too late.

The timing was just right – with the right person at my side.

Full of love.

Thank you for everything. I appreciate it very much

As a little contrast to all the beauty:

Or is it beautiful in itself after all?

After we got back home, my day was far from being done!

We went to a Mexican restaurant.

This was really very new for us and very tasty!

Thanks to L for making the pics in the restaurant and the permission to use them.

Before I forget:

If you are in Kromlau, please drive a little further. Very close by is the Bad Muskau Park.

This park and the castle are also worth a visit.

Be a patron:


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