Shooting with the Kelpinbande – UMWELTSERVICE LOHR GMBH

WE did it again

With a big Thanks to &

There’s a new vehicle and here it is:

But – as always – there are some more:

As SOSfernweh again been on the road with these wonderful people.

The first place for the shooting wrongly chosen and yet no one was angry with me. We just looked for a new and better place and found one.

“Was muss das muss” – with patience and calm.

With these guys, this gang of Stefan Kelpin and Marco Tischendorf, there is NOTHING that can’t be done. They all prove that over and over again.

Thank you for your time and if you ever visit one of the Kelpinbande, let me know how it was.

Warm regards, R.

At least:

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