Highland Games in Crossen, Germany

Who and what?

Clan Mc Gregor-Mosel e.V.

Clan Mc Gregor-Mosel e.V.

Once per year Scottish Highland Games take place in Crossen with 8-10 clans coming from different regions of Saxony.


And everything begun with MUSIC:


The Clans:

And help:


Some disciplines:

In some clans there is a kind of “ritual”.

Sometimes a rite of “initiation” and sometimes one to name a member “Sir” (just for fun, ofc). But see for yourself:

Smile for me, babe…

…if you can.

And the (fully) award ceremony:

Another ceremony:

Thank you for your time and if you ever meet an event like this, lemme know how it was.

Best regards,


At least:


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