Biker with a big heart, humor and a season end – 2 Wheels 1 Soul

1st time I was asked to meet and to make pics of the bikers season start was in may 2022:

My knees were shaking but that changed quickly.

This time it was hard coz I am a bit sick…the pain was gone tho. Thank you for that, guys.

ProTipp: Click on the pics to see them in full size.

Did you know Biker are the same people like you and me?


Ok, let’s check!

Nope, no kids here.

And their bikes too!

Yes, I chose a different cover after all. But the unicorns were my “special”:

And do you know what?

They have a BIG heart too!

Thank you for your time and if you ever meet “2 Wheels 1 Soul” in Germany, let me know how it was.

Warm regards, R.

At least:


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