Back in Bad Muskau, Saxony in Germany Part II

After my first trip (all infos here: I returned to that wonderful place. Again I had a guide – the nice woman from the first trip. Here are some views of the day in Mr. Pücklers Park: (Because of sooo many pictures I created a video with them. If you’re interested in an original … More Back in Bad Muskau, Saxony in Germany Part II

Tierpark Hirschfeld

Not the best weather but no rain though. And so we decided to travel to the “Tierpark Hirschfeld” in Saxony, Germany. A “Tierpark” (“Animal Park” in english) is not different to a zoo but EU rules and so on ^^ It CAN be a bit different in the number of animals, in how the preserves are … More Tierpark Hirschfeld

Bad Muskau

In february 2018 I was visiting some spots near the polish border in germany. As I was done it was not really late and so I decided to drive to Bad Muskau. It’s in Saxony in Germany: As I reached the town the GPS guided me to a closed street (by police). The whole inner-city … More Bad Muskau