Back in 2019 – A Visit in “Grütznickels Scheune” in Chemnitz, Saxony

In 2019 I visited – spontaneously “Grütznickels Scheune”
(a Restaurant) as I had a little waiting time. The pictures are not my best and I have moved on as SOSfernweh – a recommendation for this house still remains. … More Back in 2019 – A Visit in “Grütznickels Scheune” in Chemnitz, Saxony

Shooting with the Kelpinbande – UMWELTSERVICE LOHR GMBH

WE did it again… With a big Thanks to & There’s a new vehicle and here it is: But – as always – there are some more: As SOSfernweh again been on the road with these wonderful people. The first place for the shooting wrongly chosen and yet no one was angry with … More Shooting with the Kelpinbande – UMWELTSERVICE LOHR GMBH

There is a tradition in Germany

It’s called: “Blumenkind” Scattering flowers is an ancient pagan custom. The scent of the blossoms is said “to draw the fertility gods’ attention to the bridal couple and ensure a rich blessing of children”. And of course, the parents gave me the permission to show you the pictures of the children. Thank you for … More There is a tradition in Germany

Silat Seminar Rodewisch

The long-standing study group leader Alexander taught at a presence seminar from August 7th to 8th, 2021 Silat 45° Martial Arts Instagram: silat.lemgo at the department Ju-Jutsu, the independent department of IPPON Rodewisch e.V. About what? Guess who was allowed to take pictures and videos? 😀 Thank you for your time and if … More Silat Seminar Rodewisch

To my beloved

Hey, my dear! It’s been long ago when we met. I told you “There is a saying: people always meet 2 times”. I can still see your eyes as I said that. I went forward and keep going. I made my peace with the past. I know today who I am. I’ve learned so much … More To my beloved

Not only Nature, Architecture or People

Yes, she can do more! Thanks to: Abschleppdienst Kelpin and Umweltservice Lohr AvD Automobile Club of Germany e.V. 2020: 2021: 2022: Weck+Poller Holding GmbH Schumann-Motorsport Also 😁 These are only some examples of course. My favourites if you want to call them like that 😁 At least: Be a patron: